In 1926 Rev. Frank J. Lindquist began to pursue his dreams and the dreams of many other fellow believers to have a central location where the district could conduct it’s business but also a place where Christ’s followers could be rejuvenated. The burning desire must’ve been God’s hint the time was nearing and the pieces were coming together. By fall of 1926 Rev. C.M. Hanson was sent out west to negotiate with owners of a 13-acre lake shore property in Alexandria MN. The result? The District Council of the Assemblies of God purchased the property for $3,500. May 15th 1927 was the day pastors, volunteers and contractors broke the ground for the Tabernacle, the very first building at Lake Geneva Christian Center. The Tabernacle was finished in 7 weeks and capable of holding 1,000 guests.


Old Geneva Store                                New Dorms                                           Missionary Rally                                65pple baptized in the 1st year                  Speed the Light Donations

Pennies for Progress                         Old Tab Seminar                                 District Council was held                   Lining up to get some grub                Camp Speaker                                                                                                                                                                at Summer Camp

lake front road                                     Glory Avenue                                                                                                      Windmill Well

1940’s Women’s Ministry

Camp alter call and rallies in the 1940’s. Far right: recording a Revialtime radio broadcast

Camp in the 1940’s

Outdoor Message                           1950’s Children’s Class                                 Women’s Ministry Store                                                                    Time to eat!

Above: The Oasis                            Heading into the old tab for service       Lining up outside the first dining hall                                        Camp activities

WMC Meeing/Speaker             WMC Parade                             Rec. C.M. Ward                         Missions Rally                           Rev. L.B. Larson                        Ventrilaquist

Camp Life

Camp Activities

The Banquet: The final evening of each youth camp was topped off with a Banquet. Kitchen staff would go all out to make the evening special and the campers would choose two of their peers to be crowned King and Queen. The royalty crowning tradition was dropped in the early 1990’s along with the banquet.

Camp is full of fun activities for every age group!

Life at camp in the 70’s

A place for all ages, genders, and walks of life to meet with God

The Lakeview Center was built in 1974. It replaced the old dining hall with a new kitchen and dining facilities. The Lakeview Center was complete with meeting spaces and the camp’s first year-round housing, able accommodate 120 guests! This facility opened up the doors for winter retreats, expanding the camp’s normal retreat season by roughly 6 months

There’s always a project on campus!

Tearing down the old trailer houses                      1995 dormitory renovations and adding decks                                                The Worship Center was built in 1981

In 1996 the Kingsriter Retreat Center was built; offering 45, climate controlled & furnished rooms, linens included! Two meeting rooms are located on the third level of the KRC.

The fully furnished Clergy Cabins were built in 2001 as a way for the District Council to show their appreciation for Minnesota pastors and families. Each year roughly 150 pastors and their families are blessed with the opportunity to get away from their busy lives and enjoy the peaceful and beautiful scenery campus has to offer.

Despite the projects, fun still continued for LGCC campers and staff