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A timeline from laying the first block in 1974 to most recent 2015 & 16 remodel

Lakeview rennovation. Saying goodbye to the Lakeview gym and filling story 1 & 2 with dorms

The new Lakeview Dorms

Addition Remodel; Lower Level Lakeview bathrooms – Before

Addition Remodel; Lower Level Lakeview bathrooms – After

Because of the HUGE demand for meeting space, when LGCC remodeled the Heritage rooms, they divided them into three areas. Two were areas for groups and the third was a very small space on the south side which now holds the ‘New’ Oasis Snack Shop. One of the group rooms kept the Heritage Room name. The other became known as Fireside Room. For more information please visit the Meeting Space tab located at the top of this page.

Heritage Before 2016 Remodel

Heritage – After

Fireside – After