Joe Gordon:  Mornings and Evenings, July 1 — July 2 | Joe Gordon is a missionary to India and leads Live:Dead efforts to spread the Gospel among the 2,000 unreached people groups in the country. He has an amazing testimony of how God changed his life and prepared him for ministry. His passion and miraculous experience inspire the church to follow Christ no matter the cost.

Dr. Allen Tennison: Mornings, July 3 — July 7 | Dr. Allen Tennison has taught theology and church history at the undergraduate and graduate level since 2004, and served in pastoral ministry for over fifteen years. Dr. Tennison has authored articles on Pentecostalism and the theology of the Holy Spirit. While being a prolific author, he is also a respected instructor at North Central University.

Tim Enloe: Evenings, July 3 — July 6 | Tim Enloe was called to teach about the Holy Spirit when he was fourteen years old. He is a graduate of Central Bible College and is ordained with the Assemblies of God. He has written several books and is a frequent contributor to magazines. Since 1993, Tim and his wife, Rochelle, have traveled in full-time teaching ministry with a special emphasis on the Holy Spirit.

Mike and MonaRé Shields: Evenings, July 7 — July 8, Morning of July 9 | Mike and MonaRé Shields are Missionary Evangelists with the Assemblies of God World Missions. They travel to Latin countries each year preaching to thousands of people in a variety of ministry settings. They focus their international ministry on leadership training, outreach campaigns, church planting and youth ministries.